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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. a baltimore city cop now under legal watch in the deadly shooting. the man killed is a former marine. good evening. i'm kelley swoop. tyrone brown was shot nine times by a 15 year veteran of the police department. brown's family said he was shot while walking away from an argument. cheryl connor is live from police headquarters on where the case stands tonight. >> reporter: the man leading the investigation said the case was presented today to the state's attorney's office but the shooting racing questions about the police policy regarding off duty officers carrying hand guns. tyrone's family said he was the life of the party. early saturday morning outside of a lounge in mount vernon a joke cost him his life. police say he made physical advances toward a female friend of a police officer. there was some sort of altercation. investigators say the officer
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identitied himself and moments later started shooting firing 13 rounds hitting brown nine times. >> officer of the law doesn't mean are you above the law. >> reporter: the head of the homicide division said a full investigation sundayway. the major said his unit is interviewing seven witnesses party to the officer and to brown along with other bystanders. because the officer refused a breath test investigators are pulling bar tabs and credit card receipts. >> we will take all the witnesses to the state's attorney, the attorney will probably ask for a walk through of the crime scene. >> reporter: charges may follow. the department's hand gun policy has come into question. it says off duty officers must carry their guns in the city unless as the rule states the officer deems it inappropriate. a professor at university of baltimore school of law said the wording is to vague. >> i have to decide when i'm
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crossing this line. it just gives to much indiscretion. >> reporter: other big cities like miami and boston have strict ruling says off duty officers can't carry their weapons if they are drinking. the man mayor expects a full investigation. >> i can't accept officers acting outside the law. the citizens expect and demand more. they deserve more. >> reporter: the officer is a signed to desk duty. his gun and badge have been taken from him and at this point he hasn't made an official statement. it's the third time the officer has shot someone during his time on the force. the first two were deemed justified. he was disciplined though because he was under the influence of alcohol. we are live at police headquarters. >> thank you. under investigation tonight a man shot while driving his car. it happened early tonight in
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southeast baltimore. the man was shot in the head. the car hit a street sign, still no word on the man's condition. a maryland woman is in jail tonight accused of attacking a pregnant woman with a stun gun. today a montgomery county judge denied bond for the 38-year- old. police say she attacked her boyfriend's daughter-in-law late last week. she is about nine months pregnant and was able to get away running to a neighbor for help. she was treated at a hospital and released. she and the baby are said to be in good condition tonight. police confirm that a 2- year-old was found dead in herbed over the weekend. she was murdered. an autopsy showed that she was beaten. police were called out to a home in the 1900 block of copeland street just after seven saturday morning. when they got there turner's mother met them at the door. she took them to turner's room
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where they found the 2-year- old. while on the scene investigators quickly developed timothy height as a suspect. police arrested the 17-year-old hours after the crime was found. >> we believe that he is certainly known to the mother, to the extent we can say there was a relationship, a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. we believe there is. >> height faces charges including first degree murder. if you are flying out of the airport are you more likely to be screened in one of those full body scanners. they now will be the main method of screening passengers at security checkpoints that have them. there are currently four body scan units but more are expected at the end of the year. passengers may decline the screening in favor of a metal detector and pat down. continuing coverage of baltimore city's budget mess. city councilmembers say tonight they went a long way toward cleaning it up but admit they
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have a long way to go and not much time. we have been following the story. you know that lawsuit with police and fire pension, that can't be helping. >> reporter: absolutely not. if the city doesn't make changes to the pension program by july 1st it'll have to pay $64 million more into the plan than it's budgeted for right now. safe to say that can't happen. councilmembers say they are about half done filling the city's other huge budget hole. councilmembers passed bills to increase the tax on downtown parking, add a tax to the cell phone bill and tax simulated slot machine like this one. they aren't illegal unless they offer pay outs and many of them do. either way councilmembers feel its time to take a cut. >> i think that up to 3,000 machines may equate to 80-mile dollars a year. we just want our share. >> reporter: more tax increases will be announced next week. the dispute over the pension
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system threatens to cause even more problems. >> we can't continue business as usual. i'm hoping we can get a compromise with the police and fire. >> reporter: the proposal would force police and firefighters to serve 25 years before they could retire with full benefits instead of 20. there would be a 1% pay out increase for those over 55 and a 2% over for 65 and older and both firefighters and police would have to pay more into their retirement. 10% by 2014. >> if we don't make the changes now we will break the promises to them later in a way we never, ever want to live through. >> reporter: the heads of the fire and police union said many elements of the plan vie lit their contract. last week they filed a lawsuit in federal court that would prevent any changes to the current plan. >> we are still willing to continue to engage the city but can't and will not accept any violation of the contract. >> reporter: now councilmembers say they have passed enough
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revenue to eliminate all of the layoffs. the other tax increases expected next week include increasing the tax on hotel stays and a plan to start getting payments nonprofits in the city. a proposal to change the pension system moved forward tonight. police and fire union leaders say that system is still more generous than the one they are being asked to accept. >> well on the weather front just so nice out there. sunshine, low humidity. temperatures only into the upper 70s. tonight cool out there. let's recap the day. it was such a fantastic gem of a day. blue skies right into the sunset across baltimore. across all of maryland. we saw the last of the clouds but a pretty sunset out there. here is what the temperatures look like right now. we are still 70 at the inner harbor. look at how cool north of us we have 58 from york, 57 from frederick. i think we are headed down into
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the 50s tonight as well. 54 at airport as well. warmer downtown. it'll be clear, cool and comfortable by any standard. does the weather hold up much longer? we will talk about that and a look at next weekend coming up. >> thank you. lightning struck and killed a tennessee woman minutes before her boyfriend was about to propose. bethany and her boyfriend were hiking to the mountain top spot where bethany had hoped to get married one day. minutes before richard could pop the question lightning struck and killed her. richard said he is struggling now but still trying to see the beauty in life. he said like bethany did every day. >> the government's point man for the gulf oil spill crisis said the slick has broken uninto hundreds and thousands of patches. the admiral said the cap is captures about a half million gallons a day. that's from a third to three
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quarters of the oil that's spewing. officials say one person is missing and several are hurt after a natural gas line exploded in rural texas. this story topped the look at other news from around the nation. it happened about 50 miles south of dallas. this is what is left. a huge plume of fire. workers apparently hit the underground line while digging. residents miles from the scene say they heard the rumble of the explosion. >> any comments on israel? >> tell them to get the heck out of palestine. >> reporter: she was the 89- year-old dean of the press corp but her comments led to her abrupt retirement today from her news service. her remarks also causing a stir at a maryland high school where she was supposed to be the commencement speaker. the principal said they are looking for a replacement. a very different concern
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inside a middle school in tampa. a six foot alligator that got inside the building. no word on what will happen to it. an attorney said charlie sheen has agreed to plead guilty to an aassault charge in his domestic violence case. it stems from an argument he had on christmas day 2009 at a colorado home where they were on vacation. two waiters are taking their commitment to service to the next level. bike across the country for a good cause. dozens turned out tonight for charity dinner at roy's in baltimore to support them. they will leave wednesday cycling from baltimore's inner harbor to san diego to raise money to buy bikes for children of military families. >> we both have a strong military background in families. we both love riding bikes and we felt like giving this freedom and fun to some kids with would be a great thing.
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>> you can find more by going to their website. they were hoping to raise about $2,000 tonight. a very different trip with milestones of learning celebrated tonight. the maryland school for the blind held it's certify machiney tonight. the school honored nine graduates. the superintendent was the guest speaker. she devoted her early career to teaching deaf children in baltimore and is known as a strong speaker for all children with disabilities. you know your flip-flops play be stylish, cute, they may be comfortal with you they can cause serious damage to your feet and legs. chances are once the summer fun and the sun is over you will still feel the effects unless you pick wisely. plus time shares. those are great for summer get aways but though are also a hot target for scammers. now the bbb is getting involved so you don't become the next
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victim. >> hard to believe it's still late spring, 78, that was cool but 81 normal. more typical day today. cool air off to the north. another nice day tomorrow. we will talk about that all straight ahead.
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. time shares really could be the way to go. the better business bureau said not to fast because scammers targets thousands of time share owners. abc 2news has the story. >> reporter: patricia and art are time share owners facing similar problems and say it started a phone call and a
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promise. >> they promise they will sell your time share for you. >> they say we hear you have a time share and we have a buyer. >> reporter: they were both asked to dot same thing. >> you have to give them the money up front. >> reporter: excited about dumping the property and the extra expense they paid the fees and each time they say the same thing happened. >> they just took the money and claimed they would sell the time share and they haven't done anything. >> reporter: the bbb said they were targets of one of the top scams operating in the country. >> talking millions of millions of dollars being taken from the general public. it's a huge scam. >> reporter: the agency has been flooded complaints them and thousands of other time share owners across the country saying the same thing. they got a call from a company with a hard to resist offer promising to sell the time share, interested buyers and
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claiming they can close in 30 days. >> it's an extremely rough situation for people to be in. >> reporter: lisa write books for buyers. she said right now many cash strapped time share owners trying to sell the properties and the tempting sale pitches easy to fall for. when people are struggling to make regular mortgage payments lots of consumers are cutting back and they find they aren't using their time share or can't afford it. >> reporter: the bbb said once time share owners pay the fee they never hear from the company again. that's what happened to art. months went by and their property still wasn't sold, their calls weren't answered, e- mails not returned. >> i got nothing for the money i spent. >> reporter: the bbb warns this scheme operates like many others that demand you pay in advance and they say that should be a red flag in any kind of deal. >> i see how umoney these predators are making per week,
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per year, and it's such a scam it's incredible. >> reporter: art was able to dispute the charges on his credit card but is still out a couple thousand dollarss and patricia has a warning to anyone trying to sell their time share. >> if they ask you for money up front then hang up the phone. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> now the florida attorney general's office filed a lawsuit against two of the companies that are used is looking at the company patricia paid. they want to hear from you if you feel you have been taken from one of the companies. for more information on this scam and for up tips on how to sell your time share ed head to the website. we will give you the information and everything that you need to know. the wait is over. today apple ceo revealed the latest iphone, the 4th generation of the phone is there. has a second camera, and a longer battery life than other
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versions. it'll run between two and $300 with a two hear at&t contract. it hits stores june 24th. >> also a new application for it that it make your beach get away smoother. the department of tour. >> launched their freable. . you can down load it through the application store. >> it is no doubt about it. they are the summer shoe of choice. watch out. those cheap come fortable flip- flops can lead to serious issues. we tell you how to shop for the right pair to avoid injuries. >> reporter: they are cheap, comfortable and a staple of the season. flip-flops can be found in all walks of life this time of wear from the pool to the beach, even at officeful the wrong pair can lead to long term trouble after summer fun and
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sun are over. stress fractures, choose them carefully. try a pair made of soft leather which minimizes the possibility for blisters and look for one was wider strips and deeper heel forms. if you think you can stretch one more summer out of the sandals suspect them for signs of wear and tear. fans should also keep them at home during long walks or when plays sports. the wrong model can offer lit until terms of support and could result in ankle twists, sprains or breaks. when doing yardwork or mowing get a shoe that covers the entire foot and if you notice blisters stop wearing them. for consumer watch,. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> it was beautiful today. >> yes. >> couldn't have asked for a nicer day. >> i think tomorrow may be
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just even nicer. little more sunshine. it was cloudy in the midmorning. lunchtime. may not have that him. >> good stuff. >> doesn't hold out much longer than tomorrow. let's lock outside. we have 65 degrees right now at the airport. winds calm. pressure 29-09 olding steady. fantastic postcard kind of day. late spring day. we have a week or two in the 90s but you see the deep blue sky. very similar conditions there. just a couple clouds in the sky. puffy clouds. no chance for rain. 78 was the forecast today by the way. karen the winner out of aberdeen. that's now seven days in a row we have hit the two day guarantee forecast. humidity the relative humidity up as the air temperature drops. the air is dry.
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very nice. high temperatures today in inner harbor up to 78. most spots across maryland in the mid-70s. right now down in the mid60s statewide this is a cool night. look at deep creek lake toward oakland. 52 there. clear sky across the state. beautiful night. good night to take a look at the stars if you get a chance. the weather pattern will continue in to the next 24 hours or so. high pressure will hang on and keep us high and dry. things start to change as we work in to the wednesday time period. tomorrow lot of sun once again looking good as we continue to roll forward here. tuesday night fine but wednesday by about eight we could see showers. could be a wet wednesday morning drive and a few showers or storms in to wednesday night but behind this line of showers more weather like today. fantastic weather toward thursday and friday. 54, clear cool and comfortable. open the window itself you haven't. don't need the ac. maybe a degree or two warmer
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than today. few more clouds in the afternoon. tomorrow night we may see mostly cloudy sky. still nice and cool and generally dry. we won't see much rain until possibly wednesday morning. through the day, better chance for rain, mild, we will spend most of wednesday in the 60s. how is that? warmerring up with sun? friday the big heat toward the end of the weekend. >> okay. thank you. before you complain about tomorrow morning's drive you should list tone this one man's story. a nearly 300-mile drive, five days a week to get a very important goal. that story is coming up.
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. the ravens have been forced to cancel the final week of their off season training. they were scheduled to have a special team camp june 16th and 15th but after a complaint it cast determined they violated the rules concerns intensity and tempo of drills as well as the length of time players spent at practice. the orioles off tonight after snapping their ten game losing streak yesterday beating the red sox 4-3 to give the interim manager his first win. continues tomorrow against the yankees followed by a visit by the metts. for the second straight year the nationals had the top overall pick in the draft. last year they chose san diego state pitcher who makes his debut tomorrow night and tonight the nats got bryce harper. more local sports coverage all the time check out press box
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. great story here. another reminder that if you want something badly enough you will find a way. even if that way is a daily round trip of nearly 300 miles. steve wanted to go to law school but there weren't any close to his home. so he started his outrageous commutes. he got a degree, extra impressive when you consider he was still taking care of more important business at home. his wife is disabled and in a wheelchair. >> i call him super man because of all the things that he does. so much for me that i can't do anymore. >> if you want something bad enough and it's never to late. you know it's never to late to do it. are you never to old. >> that guy is my role model. >> yeah. a lot of miles on that car. wow. >> all for a good cause. >> yes. multi tasker there. another great looking day. we could get used to this. >> but don't.
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>> well. >> look. enjoy tomorrow. 79, lot of sun early. then clouds will thicken up a little by tomorrow night. i think we stay dry until wednesday. wednesday we could see showers on and off all day but then dry it out. it's on the way but for wednesday. >> we will ÷újfget kens. great for the rest of the week. thank you. we are tomorrow. have a great night. >> it's rollback time here at walmart,
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